Month: April 2014

On the edge of self-destruction

When I think about lathe cards I was with upon birth I though, “I can go far,” but I realize that many people despise my very existence for reason I know naught

From my grandmother touching me while I sleep to my psychotic stepfather spreading rumors about me, the only reason why I continue to live, yet slowly die, is because I believe that there is a way to move forward.

I wish that I could trust the students that attend my college but because all if these disgusting rumors about me I can’t.

What is sad for them is that when they see me no longer suffering from depression I will be far more successful and I hope they regret it.

Climbing a staircase

A common analogy to academics would be climbing, not walking, up a staircase. Obviously I am implying that a series of stairs or a single stair can be an obstacle. I would prefer you visualized a single stair and its characteristics being morphed depending on the goal; for example a smaller series of stairs on a large stair.

So now that I have hopefully given you a ‘healthy’ visualization of what I am trying to articulate I can then continue with this analogy. Anyway, I question  if analogy was applied to not just academics but the obstacles we face in everyday living – if someone was to fail at pursuing their goals then what? Would they fall of the stairs? Would they just stop climbing? Take a break? Pretty silly right? I am going in depth on this analogy just for my own amusement.